Vii-Pii (born Vianney Pivet, May 11, 1970) is a French amateur songwriter and guitarist who also sings and performs keyboards on his solo projects. He has also recorded and performed with the bands Dead Go Fast and S/E/L/F that he had co-founded. He records under the moniker of Peachbaend too.

Vii-Pii began recording and performing with alternative rock band Dead Go Fast that he had co-founded during his school years, producing a few demo tapes on four track tape recorders. Later he began releasing the material re-recorded digitally with software emulations of the material initially used by the band, such as a Yamaha DX7 synth, Boss stompboxes and a TB909 drum machine.

After the school years and a first working experience in Japan, Vii-Pii produced solo techno albums under the moniker of Peachbaend, a name he still uses today for his more electronic, instrumental compositions.

At the turn of the millenium, Vii-Pii embarked on the trip-hop project S/E/L/F with Remky and several female vocalists until stabilizing with Carolyn LaRoka. The EP Thump commercialised in 2000 received favourable critics in the independent press. The trio performed several gigs in Paris in such places as Cabaret Sauvage or Glaz'art but disbanded soon after as Vii-Pii left Europe to pursue an international career overseas.

Whilst working professionally, Vii-Pii keeps recording new songs that he regularly releases digitally.

Vii-Pii now lives and works in Paris with his family.

Musical genres and influences

Dead Go Fast: alt rock, post punk, new wave. Notable influences are Bauhaus, The Cult, The Cure, The Damned, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy…

S/E/L/F: trip hop, electropop, downtempo. Influence: Archive, Portishead, Stina Nordenstein…

Peachbaend: techno, big beat, intelligent techno. Influences: the Prodigy, DJ Shadow, Fatboy Slim, Unkle…

Vii-Pii: electropop, alternative rock. Influences combine all of the above with recent indie bands, standards rock bands and unknown gems of prog rock.


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the dead go fast trilogy

Vii-Pii's early works form a natural continuum over 3 albums. 
Listen loud.

DEAD gO fast!

Vii-Pii's seminal album with the band of the same name.


The second album with Dead Go Fast.


The final piece of the Dead Go Fast trilogy.