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“An intoxicating mix of atmospheric elements and emotive words.”
- Divide and Conquer Music

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Vii-Pii is the moniker of Vianney Pivet, a talented and uberous song-writer and recording musician from France with a gift for multi-faceting.

His 25 years of experience span over a combination of collaborations and bands (Dead Go Fast, S/E/L/F) and he is now focusing on releasing his solo material.

With over 250 songs and counting, his compositions cover a variety of genres in the realms of Alternative Rock (Indie, Progressive and Post Rock), New Wave (Dark Wave, Post Punk) and Electronica (Trip Hop, Electro Pop). If you like Radiohead, The Cure and the Archive, and you wonder what they would sound like playing together, then give it a try. Vii-Pii sings with a distinctive baritone voice that draws comparisons to Roger Waters, Dave Graham and Andrew Eldritch.

Vii-Pii plays guitars and all other instruments on his solo projects, switching from acoustic to electronic music styles in a natural way. There is energy, depth, and lush arrangements of vintage synths, guitar pedals and drum machines whilst lyrics combine wits and wistfulness.

Now based in Paris, France, he has a long experience of living in Asia and speaks Japanese fluently. Musician at night, he is a senior exec at day.

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the dead go fast trilogy

Vii-Pii's early works form a natural continuum over 3 albums. 
Listen loud.

DEAD gO fast!

Vii-Pii's seminal album with the band of the same name.


The second album with Dead Go Fast.


The final piece of the Dead Go Fast trilogy. 


On the edge

A catchy synthwave anthem AND a crush song. You didn’t even know such things exist.


(Whirlwinds of Danger) A protest song with 3 centuries in the making

Knocking on heaven’s door

Yes, a cover of said song. But not at all what you’d expect.