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Seeking The Shroud

by Vii-Pii

“Seeking The Shroud” is a nihilistic album inspired by the French Decadent movement. Read Baudelaire, Verlaine; refer to symbolism and notions of fatality, sickness of the world, delight in perversion and delirium. The last sentence in the title song, “I flee, defeated, haunted by the shroud” is a loose translation of a poem by Mallarmé, one of these French “Cursed Poets”. There will be a quest (Seeking), unquenchable appetites (Our Love Like Fear) leading into murderous visions (The Shade), notions of loss (Song For Tiana) and frustration (The Standstill) combatted with dark humour (The Worm) in the face of a lurid fate (The Rose and The Rain) and the unavoidable ending (The Shroud).